Corgi Skateboards To Raise Money For Girl In Need

This Pembroke Welsh Corgi has an awesome name, awesome hobby, and even more awesome mission.

Sir Ernest Bunnybottom is using his adorable charm and skateboarding abilities to help a friend in need.

This dog and his owner, Edie Ferris, are promoting Sprout Patterns with a skateboarding video to help raise money for their friend Anika, who is in need of a service dog, reports The News & Observer.



Anika, a 14-year-old from Raleigh, North Carolina, suffers from Baraiser-Winter Syndrome. This disease causes her to have seizures and therefore, she hopes to get a service dog to help keep her safe and give her some independence.


Anika and her family have currently met 40 percent of their goal, so let's hope that Sir Ernest Bunnybottom's skateboarding skills go a long way to help his friend.

See this Corgi skateboard like a pro in the video below.


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