Cop Saves Woman and Her Dog After Car Crash

A police officer’s quick thinking and love for animals saved a woman and her dog who were involved in a car accident in Newport News, Virginia, last weekend.

When Officer T.J. Poe responded to the scene, a woman and her dog were in their crashed car. The other car had flipped over. The officer, a former K-9 handler, brought the unharmed dog, a Belgian Malinois named Freedom, into his cruiser and calmed the frightened animal down while the owner was with paramedics. Freedom was hit by a car as a puppy and has a plate and screws in her leg as a result, so, WKTR reported, the accident spooked her.

The Newport-News Police Department posted the story on its Facebook page, and received hundreds of comments. One was from the mother of the woman in the accident: “I was relieved knowing my daughter was in caring hands until I could arrive to be with her. Thank you Officer Poe for taking care of Freedom and Amanda. You sir are my hero,” she wrote.

Another comment was by the officer’s wife: “Officer Poe is my wonderful husband. He is an amazing husband, father and officer. He is amazing in his profession. All these wonderful comments give me goose bumps.”

And finally from the accident victim herself: “Freedom and I are very grateful she writes.”

No one was seriously injured in the crash.

Congratulations to this officer for his brave actions.

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Posted by Newport-News Police-Department on Saturday, August 29, 2015

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