Congratulations to Courtney Korff, 2015 AKC/AVMF Veterinary Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Courtney Korff, this year's recipient of the AKC/American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) Veterinary Scholarship! This $5,000 scholarship, offered since 2009, is designed to support individuals with a background in AKC events and programs, who seek to promote animal health and medicine.

“Courtney has extensive experience in the world of purebred dogs, and despite a busy school schedule, is still involved with her breed and AKC events. We congratulate her on her hard work and know that she’ll make an impact on the health of purebred dogs in the coming years,” said Mari Beth O’Neill, AVP Sport Services and AKC’s liaison to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Korff, currently a third-year student at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, began showing Schipperkes at the age of 15 and remains active in the breed, competing in AKC conformation and other events. She works in a canine genetics laboratory at the vet school, helping to develop genetic tests that will allow responsible breeders to continue to detect and remove inherited diseases from their lines. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a residency at a small animal orthopedic surgery facility.

“When I graduate, I plan to continue to promote purebred dogs and all that they can do, and I’m very grateful for the support from AKC and the AVMF in continuing my education,” said Korff.