Seven-Year-Old with Cancer Gets By With A Little “Miracles”

"When one door closes, another door opens." This is certainly the case for Miracles, a two-year-old Black Labrador Retriever.

Miracles was in training with Southeastern Guide Dogs to become a guide dog for the blind, but she didn't make it through the training process. It turns out that this was only a minor setback in her destiny to help people. And Millie Sica and her family are very thankful for it.

While Miracles wasn't cut out to be a guide dog, it turns out she was the perfect fit to be a companion for seven-year-old Millie, who has brain cancer.

Millie has to go through a lot of hospital visits, chemotherapy, and is legally blind due to her cancer, but Miracles is there to help her with it all.

Miracles is a Canine Connections dog, which means she can help Millie learn the responsibilities of caring for a dog, and then can transition into a guide dog, reports the Bradenton Herald.

While Southeastern Guide Dogs usually waits until a child is 10-years-old to place a Canine Connections dog, they matched Millie and Miracles after a letter from Millie's grandmother, Yvonne.

“Miracles is Millie’s friend,” Yvonne told the Herald. “She is friends to all of us. She is a companion for the entire family, and she has brought a lot of happiness to our home.”

Sometimes things are just meant to be! We're so happy Miracles and Millie have found each other.

Hear Millie and her grandmother talk about Miracles in the video below.

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