Clubs in the News: Kennel Club of Yorkville

The Daily Chronicle covered the Kennel Club of Yorkville's 59th and 60th dog shows, which were held at the Northern Illinois University Convocation Center on Saturday and Sunday, April 4-5.

From the story: 

Diane Corkey, Show Chairperson for the Kennel Club of Yorkville Dog Shows and a treasurer of Kennel Club of Yorkville, said the show was a chance for dog owners to showcase their pets and also provide information to those who wanted to become dog owners.

"Basically the reason for any of the [dog] shows, not just us, but every show, is to judge the purebred dogs, the quality, people are looking [for it] to be a champion. ... We do this so that the people do have the chance to show their dogs and to show off to people that come in. [If] they might want to want to purchse the dog, they are looking for a specific breed, so they want to meet good breeders."

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