The AKC Addresses Yulin Dog Meat Festival issue

When the world learned of the Yulin Dog Meat festival that recently took place in the Guangxi province of Southern China, the outcry was swift and universal. Dog lovers across the globe were horrified, and media attention spread like wildfire.

As reported in the New York Times, while dog meat is not widely consumed in China, it is a traditional part of some diets, particularly in regions in the far south and north of the country. It is estimated that a shocking 10 million dogs and four million cats are consumed in China each year. To eliminate the institutionalized and heinous treatment, torture, and consumption of dogs each year, there must be sustained pressure and scrutiny, so the AKC believes that public protest is not only justified, it is essential. Along with other purebred registries around the world, the AKC sees dogs as devoted companions and working partners, and staunchly denounces their use as food products, and the unavoidable and heinous cruelty that goes with it.

In a statement released today, the AKC “urges all of the purebred dog registries in China to implement educational programs to help put an end to the barbarous practice of torturing and eating dogs, and extends an offer to assist in this effort in any way possible.”

This is the sort of “dog festival” we applaud
Education is the foundation of change