9-Year-Old Donates Birthday Money to Buy Bulletproof Vests for K-9s

Ethan Flint, a fourth-grader in Minnesota, has been an animal lover since he was only four years old. For his fifth birthday, Flint started an annual tradition of donating his birthday money to animals in need. This year, he wanted to help the animals who put their lives on the line every day—police K-9s.

Flint donated $1,215 to the St. Paul Police Department to go toward bulletproof vests for the canine cops. Flint had met one of the dogs, Havoc, through the Cub Scouts earlier this year. “Some dogs have vests and some dogs didn’t and I didn’t think that was fair,” Flint told Fox News (scroll down for video).

TwinCities.com reported that of the 18 dogs in the K-9 Unit, only about half have vests.

According a representative with the police department, the vests can cost as much as $2,600 each.

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