Canine Health Foundation Announces Three New Grants To Combat Tick-Borne Diseases

Tick-borne diseases are a concern, now more than ever, for dogs and their owners alike. To combat these diseases, the Canine Health Foundation has announced the first round of research grants through their Tick-Borne Disease Initiative.

Each of the three new grants will study a different tick-borne disease with the hope of learning more about how to prevent, diagnose, and treat these afflictions.

The studies will research canine Lyme disease, vector-borne disease, and canine monocytic ehrlichiosis.

“We are excited about the impact this Initiative will have on canine health and owner awareness of the growing concern over important tick-borne pathogens.” said Dr. Diane Brown, CHF's chief executive officer.

See what AKC's Chief Veterinary Officer has to say about tick-borne diseases and how to protect your dog here.

Learn more about the CHF's Tick-Borne Disease Initiative here.



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