[VIDEO] Canadian Woman Dog Sleds to Tim Hortons

Two things about Canada that are certain: The winters can be brutal, and Tim Hortons is a popular staple for a chilly day.

So what is a Canadian to do when the roads are too snowy to get to the drive-thru?

Allyson Mitton had the perfect solution. The Sussex, New Brunswick, resident called on her two Border Collies, Braya and Shift, to get her to the coffee and donuts shop musher-style.

“It was the perfect opportunity,” says Mitton, who often sleds around town with her dogs. “It was a major snow storm, there was no one walking on the sidewalks, the trails were nice and slick.”

Because her dogs are smaller and lighter than traditional sled dogs, Mitton uses a lighter sled and uses her legs to help the dogs move through the snow in harder areas. (See a video of a little girl in a mushing family learning the ropes.)

When they arrived, Mitton ordered a coffee, and the dogs were offered water and Timbits (Tim Hortons’ version of donut holes).

Only in Canada, Eh?



Dog Sledding to Tim's Drive-Thru

Only in Canada? This woman decided to hitch a double-double ride to get her double-double treat on a blustery snow day in New Brunswick. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Posted by Global New Brunswick on Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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