Meet The Bulldog Who Works as Helicopter Copilot In Canada

American dog owners love the idea of taking their pet to the office—a survey last year showed that the majority would even take a pay cut for the privilege. But Bradley Friesen has taken that concept to a literal new level.

Friesen, of British Columbia, Canada, works as a helicopter pilot, and when he takes off for work in the morning, he brings his Bulldog Bentley along for the ride.

Bentley’s aerial and on-land adventures are documented on his and Friesen’s Instagram page and YouTube page (scroll down for video).


A photo posted by Bradley Friesen (@bradleyfriesen) on

While in the air Bentley appears to be wearing ear covers and a harness for protection.



A photo posted by Mister Bentley (@mrbentley_thedog) on


See the pair in action here:

Friesen, who also takes aerial photography, was featured in a New York Times piece last December.




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