Boy With Cancer Gets Wish to Pet Dozens of Golden Retrievers

When appealing to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, many children ask to go to Disney World or New York City. Lahl Isaac wanted only one thing: to pet as many Golden Retrievers as possible.

The young boy from Singapore, who turned 13 this month, is fighting brain cancer and is confined to a wheelchair, the Straits Times reported. The organization arranged for Isaac to meet with a small group of dogs in August, but when Golden Retriever owners caught wind of the situation, they decided to throw Isaac a birthday party.

“Isaac's wish is so simple - just to pat dogs. That's what moved us," said Leo Seo Wei, who brought her two dogs to the Make-A-Wish meet-up. She used the Golden Retriever Club-Singapore Facebook page to spread news of the plan to other owners.

Hundreds of people and their dogs came out to the Singapore Botanic Gardens at what the Straits Times called “possibly the biggest gathering of Golden Retrievers ever in Singapore.”

The crowd sang happy birthday to Isaac, and some offered gifts.

"I can tell dogs are very therapeutic for him,” said Isaac’s mother Tan Mei Lee. “The first thing he does every morning is look for his dog."

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