Boy Falls Into Hole Searching For His Dog—See the Rescue Here

This story is almost like a Lassie episode with a twist.

Similar to a popular storyline in the television show released in 1954, a four-year-old boy in Mississippi and his dog had to be rescued from a 23-foot hole on Monday, September 8. But unlike in Little Timmy’s case, here, it was the dog who fell first, and the little boy who tried to come to the rescue.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, Gabe Allbritton's family dog had gone missing several days prior and had likely fallen into the hole first. Authorities believe the young boy heard the dog inside the hole and fell in himself while looking for him.

Members of multiple fire departments responded to the scene, along with other volunteers, but they were not able to fit into the hole to rescue the boy and the dog, and Gabe didn’t understand how to attach the rope the responders had lowered, the local paper explained.

After a three-hour concentrated effort, at about 8 p.m., Gabe was successfully rescued, followed later by the dog. Both were unharmed.

See a video of the rescue: