University of North Florida Begins Using Border Collies as Geese Control

Geese can be pretty problematic in a large green space that has hundreds of people moving through it daily. Not only are they messy, but they also can be aggressive if disturbed. So what can a college campus do to safely prevent these birds from invading its property?

The University of North Florida (UNF) has the answer. They've begun a plan to work with an organization called Goose Masters, Spinnaker reports.

Goose Masters utilizes Border Collies' natural herding instinct to make sure that geese to stay away from certain spaces. In this case, the main green territories of the UNF campus. According to the Goose Masters' website, the Border Collies follow the geese who "tire of being pestered and simply choose to move to another place in order to find a safer haven."

The campus decided to move forward with this plan after discussing it with the UNF community. In addition to the simple annoyance of the geese on campus, many people felt that the geese pose a significant health hazard.

“The plan is working, and Goose Masters will continue to periodically use the Border Collies, ensuring the geese will permanently relocate to the campus perimeter,” the Osprey Update reported.

Watch the Goose Masters' Border Collies demonstrate their skills in the video below.

Learn more about herding dogs and their unique abilities here.


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