Clubs in the News: Blue Heron Agility Association of Delaware

By Denise Jester, Treasurer, Blue Heron Agility Association of Delaware

The Blue Heron Agility Association of Delaware (BHAAD) is thrilled to announce a recent donation of $1,000 to the Bridgeville Police Department to purchase a bullet proof vest for their canine unit. Flash, the only dog in the unit, is a four year-old dog that was purchased and trained through a federal grant and has been trained for drugs and tracking. 

BHAAD was formed quite a few years ago to provide AKC agility events in Georgetown, Delmarva, and the surrounding areas. We have been fortunate enough to raise a significant amount of money through the years and have been honored to give back to our community.

For the past three years we have donated money to purchase state of the art vests for our canine partners. In addition to the Bridgeville donation, which garnered coverage in the local paper, we've also donated three vests to the State of Delaware Police department.   

Our club's goal is to have all canine partners in our community outfitted with the best equipment available.  We have recently learned of other local departments that are in need and we will be awarding another department the money to purchase a vest this fall. We are very proud of the fact that a club as small as ours -- around 25 members -- has been able to bring attention to canine training and awareness, while also offering three agility trials per year in our area!

The newspaper clip: 

Clubs in the News: Blue Heron Agility Association of Delaware