Blind Poodle Gets Along With a Little Help From Her Three Guide Dogs

Margaux is a 12-year-old Poodle who's a little different. She is blind and deaf and yet, she's as happy as can be.

Margaux belongs to Laura and Scott Jordan of Ketchum, Idaho. Three years ago, Margaux was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, reports The Huffington Post. With medication, Margaux was doing OK, until the disease began to affect her eyes.

The family finally made the decision to have her eyes removed. To the joy and thankfulness of the Jordan family, the surgery stopped Margaux's disease from attacking the way it had and allowed the dog to get back to her old self.

“Now she lives a pretty full life and brings joy to us and her sisters as well," Scott Jordan told The Huffington Post.

What was even more remarkable than Margaux's recovery was the reaction of the Jordan's three other Poodles. Not only do they continue to play with her like nothing has happened, but they also recognize when she needs a little help. When the family goes on hikes, for example, Margaux's sisters take responsibility for leading her around.

Seeing his dog go through this journey sparked some inspiration in Jordan. He started a Facebook page, Root For Poodle Margaux, to share the family's inspiring experiences with the world.

“It’s really an amazing opportunity to document this and experience it,” he said. “We can learn a lot from animals.”

Learn more about Margaux in the video below.



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