Meet the Border Collie Training To Become ‘Bark Ranger’ for Montana National Park

Summer is on its way, which means kids are getting out of school and are on the hunt for summer jobs. Luckily for Border Collie Gracie, she's already in training for the coolest summer job available, a "Bark Ranger" at Glacier National Park in Montana.

Gracie is 2 years old and belongs to Glacier's national resources program manager, Mark Biel. Come July, Gracie will be working in Glacier's parking lot, herding goats and sheep to keep them a safe-distance from visitors.

With the National Park Service's 100th Anniversary this year, park officials become increasingly worried about safe human and animal interactions, the Washington Post reported.

After reading about the success of other national parks using dogs to solve this problem, Mark Biel came up with the idea to hire Gracie as a "Bark Ranger."

Gracie has already begun training at the Wild River Bear Institute in Florence, Montana, to hone the natural herding instincts her breed is known for. She'll use those skills to protect both visitors and animals at the park.

The Institute has worked with Glacier National Park before, training Karelian Bear Dogs to maintain safe human–bear interactions.


"Gracie, clad in an orange vest, will begin her duties in July, and she’ll hit the parking lot only a few times a month, when there aren’t too many tourists or cars," park spokeswoman Margie Steigerwald told the Washington Post.

"The hope is that the goats and sheep, which fear wolves and coyotes, will do Gracie’s bidding," she said.

See Glacier National Park's Facebook welcome of their "Bark Ranger" below:



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