Adorable Video of a Bully Who is Anything But Fowl

Why would this little flock of baby chicks climb all over Shiva the Bull Terrier without hesitation? How could they waddle between her front paws, beak to muzzle, so fearlessly?

Because a pit bull named Sharky had shown them that they had nothing to fear from a big, beefy, bully breed, who always treated them with gentle kindness. So the chicks logically assumed that all dogs shared his patient, sweet nature.

This might have turned out to be a major miscalculation when Shiva, who belonged to a neighbor, came over to play. Luckily for the chicks, Shiva was every bit as relaxed as Sharky, even when the feisty poultry hopped up on her belly as she stretched out on the porch. It probably helped that their little feet provided a satisfying belly scratch.

So here it is, your moment of interspecies Zen.

You can thank us later.

Sharky belonged to a woman in Texas named Helen, who says he never met another species he didn’t like: cats, rabbits, turtles, iguana, and, yes, chicks. Helen, originally from Estonia, was so devoted to her pal that she documented Sharky’s many adventures. That said, remember that even though Shiva and Sharky are, like many dogs, patient and gentle, allowing a dog to interact with other animals should always be carefully supervised, with a full understanding of your dog's temperament and an ability to recognize canine body language.

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