Art Exhibit For Dogs Is A “Tail-Wagging” Success

We're dog people. We do anything and everything for our dogs. And now, Dominic Wilcox and U.K. insurance company More Than, gave owners the opportunity to introduce their dogs to the world of art.

Not just any art, of course. This exhibit, which ran in London Aug. 19-20, featured "canine-friendly" art, including a dog bowl filled with balls and an "open car window simulator."

The exhibit, according to The Huffington Post, was part of More Than's #PlayMore campaign, which encourages owners to spend more time playing with their pets.

All of the artwork was researched to include dog-friendly elements. Wilcox's art featured colors within the dog color-spectrum and a corresponding scent for each piece.

“The dogs seemed to love their visit. Tails were wagging like crazy at the giant dog food bowl filled with brown balls. They were jumping in and out of that one," Wilcox told The Huffington Post.

See these cultured dogs at the exhibit in the video below.



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