AKC Reunite Pet Disaster Relief Trailer Deployed To Border Fire in San Diego

An AKC Reunite Pet Disaster Relief trailer has been deployed to San Diego to help with the Border Fire. The truck was deployed with San Diego Animal Services to assist animals that have been evacuated during the fire. 


The Relief trailer will allow animals and their owners to recieve aid quickly, since the nearest facility with sheltering supplies is an hour away. 

"The supplies will be used for people that have evacuated without their own crates or cages, giving the community and the first responders peace of mind that the animals will be able to be properly cared for at this time of need," AKC Reunite posted on Facebook. 

The fire started June 19 and has led to many mandatory evacuations. 

We send our thoughts and safe wishes to the people of San Diego as well as the staff deployed to assist.

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