5 Dogs Really Living It Up this Summer

It’s summertime—and these dogs are taking easy living to the extreme. We’ve rounded up five popular YouTube videos that show dogs who are savoring the summer down to the very last lick of pet-friendly ice cream.

Like this black Lab, who made a splash when debuting his new summer accessory—a shark fin. Hey, he already has the waterproof coat and webbed feet as a reminder of his breed’s days as a fisherman’s helper. Is adding a fin that much of a stretch? We think not. (By the way, you can get your own fin through the Etsy store Labrashark for $30.)

This Boston Terrier, named Rose, gets a good outdoor workout with a balloon. See her flip, frolic, and flail around her yard trying to keep a balloon afloat. Bostons are known for being somewhat energetic, and their goofy, playful personality is what wins over those who love the breed.

Then of course there’s this dog, who would rather work out his energy by chasing his owner around the yard with a hose. Hey, whatever floats your boat, though this dog could perhaps benefit from a little refresher lesson on the commands sit and stay.

Speaking of floating boats, this dog had a very clever way to avoid pool play. We get it—some of us would rather enjoy sunbathing then taking the plunge. What impressed us most is how he figured out how to shift his weight to propel his vessel forward. Clever, clever.

And while being active and enjoying the outdoors are two important keys to a great summer, another is savoring the sweet snacks nature gives us this time of year. Like watermelon. Chock full of vitamins and minerals, this fruit is both healthy for your dog and extremely entertaining to watch him eat. Learn more about the benefits of watermelons here.

How does your dog embrace the summer? Tell us in the comments below.