2015 AKC Gun Dog Championship: Day 2

Day 2 began with the temperature in the mid 60’s under an overcast sky. The wind was out of the south a little stronger than the day before. The air was heavy due to the high humidity. The forecast was for mainly sunny skies. As the day wore on, and the skies cleared, the temperature rose into the lower 80’s. The warm weather was a factor in several of the afternoon braces.

Brace 7

  • GFC/FC/AFC Locknlode Black Bitty (Bitty) Pointer, handle Ray Dohse
  • NFC/FC/AFC Lundy’s Red Bull (Bull) Vizsla, handler Laura Miller

Bitty had a good find at early in the hour. She backed her brace mate at 6 minutes with excellent manners. Her race was fast and forward until 48 when she was lost to judgment.

Bull had a pretty find at 6 minutes. He displayed a strong edge running race. He also carded a non-productive. Bull ground race was marred by a lengthy absence butr he returned in time and finished the hour.

Brace 8

  • Ricky Ticky’s Foxy Lady (Babe)
  • Cali’s Wiki Wiki Mai Tai At Sunset (Mia) Vizsla, handler Chad Chadwell

Babe was lost to judgment shortly after the breakaway.

Mia had 2 clean finds, one non-productive, and a turkey find. He displayed good speed on the ground.

Brace 9

  • FC/AFC I’m Just Maddie (Maddie) GSP, handler Jim West
  • 2xNFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Flying Dutchman (Dutch) Pointer, handler Steve Bailey

Maddie started well and made some nice moves. She would suffer a cut on her leg which caused her to be picked up.

Dutch had trouble getting going today and was handy for the better part of his hour. He was picked up at 55 minutes.

Brace 10

  • Murphy’s Babe (Babe) GSP, handler Ray Dohse
  • NGDC/DC/AFC JB’s Asker Bout Birds MH (Kinze) Vizsla, handler Joanne Beckley

Babe had pretty finds at 10 and 17 minutes. She was displaying a good race but she failed to back and was picked up.

Kinze had a good find at 24 minutes. She also backed her brace mate on both her finds. She had a good forward race. She was also to score two non-productives. She finished the hour.

Brace 11

  • NWGDC GFC JB’s Double Action Ruger (Kota) Vizsla, handler Joanne Beckley
  • ROLLIN Thunder Pocket Watch (Pip) GSP, handler Jim West

Kota had a nice gun dog race. She was credited with one non-productive but no birds. She finished the hour as she started.

Pip had a mostly forward race but also did not point birds. She also finshed the hour

Brace 12

  • Penny’s Wiki Wiki Another Wai Tai Please (Ty) Vizsla, handler Chad Chadwell
  • Whizki Pete (Pete) Brittany, handler Dale Pool

Ty went the hour despite the heat. He ran the edges well and finished very strong considering the condition. He had a good find at 58 minutes but also recorded a non-productive. His effort in the heat of the day was noteworthy.