2015 AKC Gun Dog Championship: Day 1

The rescheduled AKC Championship began on April 6, 2015. This event was originally schedule to be run at the Percy Priest Field Trial Area in Tennessee. Mother Nature had different ideas as an ice storm had made the grounds unsafe for people and animals causing the postponement of the event. Through the hard work of the AKC staff we were able to secure the fine grounds at Grove Spring MO. Although we had a smaller entry number wise, a fine representation of dogs were on hand. Many dogs that had won National titles were on hand. Great dogs, running over great grounds makes for a truly great event.

Monday dawned with a very light rain. The rain would stop by the time the first brace began but the skies remained cloudy throughout the day. Winds were out of the southwest at around 10 miles per hour. Although the temperature reached into the upper 60’s in the afternoon, the cloudy skies and breeze kept most folks in jackets all day.

Brace 1

  • FC Eshod’s Uprising (Ryder) GSP, handler Ray Dohse
  • NFC/FC/AFC Snake Breaks Lutz Deluna V Reiteraim (Lutz) Wiemaraner, handler Rodney Moon

Ryder had a strong and wide race. He scored two finds, both with very nice style and good manners. He had a good finish to his hour.

Lutz had a nice forward race, handling kindly, well in tune with his handler. He was to only be credited with backing his brace mate twice. He would also finish the hour well.

Brace 2

  • FC/AFC Dash Away (Dash) Pointer, handler Steve Bailey
  • FC Trinity’s Million Dollar Baby (Baby) English Setter, handler Ray Dohse

Dash put in a nice hour. He was consistently forward and he handled very well. He would record 4 finds, his style, manners, and intensity on display for all to see. He finished the hour well.

Baby was forward and fast on the ground. She was found pointing near the “Blue House”. Unable to flush the birds, her handler asked her to relocate resulting in her day being done.

Brace 3

  • GFC FC Trinity’s High Plains Drifter (Shiner) English Setter, handler Ray Dohse
  • FC Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper (Lucky Ned) Brittany, handler Frank Campbell

Shiner had a shortened trip today. She started fast and forward but slowed near the mid-point and was picked up.

Lucky Ned had two very nice finds where he displayed his intense style and great manners. He was also credited with a good stop to flush. His race was good. He finished the hour.

Brace 4

  • Campbell’s Razz-Ma-Tazz (Razz) Brittany, handler Frank Campbell
  • NAFC FC Iskote Animikee(Boomer) Irish Setter, handler Steve Bailey

Razz had a very short day. He had a good stop to flush at 7 minutes. Two minutes later a breach of manners ended his bid.

Boomer had a good race, taking advantage of the edges. He had 4 very nice finds, each with good style and excellent manners. He would also be credited with a non-productive and a find on off game. He finished the hour well.

Brace 5

  • Kojac’s Mischievisous Spirit (Seriously) GSP, handler Jim West
  • Southwinds Nothin Runs Like a Deer (Johnny) Vizsla, handler Joanne Beckley

Seriously looked good on the ground, staying forward and displaying good speed. Two non-productives had him on the rope before time.

Johnny moved well and was handling well. He had a nice looking find at 15 minutes. Movement at the flush ended his day.

Brace 6

  • Pursuit’s Swhizziechik (Penny) Brittany, handler Kim Trafton
  • Southwinds Kinze’s Destiny (Daize) Vizsla, handler Joanne Beckly

The final brace of the day featured two bitches in season. Penny had a nice forward pattern with a kind handle. She had a good looking find, stylish and intense.  Her handler was unable to flush any birds and asked Penny to relocate, she over ran the bird and was picked up.

Dazie was mainly forward on the ground and handled well. She had a pretty find where she displayed advance manners and good style. She would also record one non-productive. She would finish the hour.