15 Adorable Pups Who Rocked Their Red, White, And Blue This Fourth of July

There's nothing like celebrating the Fourth of July: barbecues, swimming pools, friends, family, and of course, our pups.

Say hello to the dogs who had the time of their lives this weekend, paying tribute to the 'ol red, white, and blue, and partying like it's 1776.

This little Border Terrier is all snuggles with his Uncle Sam hat pillow.


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Happy Birthday America! and Happy 2 month birthday to this Samoyed pup!


This German Shepherd is on the look out for other bandana-wearing Ameri-pups to celebrate with.


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And look no further than this little guy who is all kinds of cute for the fourth.


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Bentley the Golden went all out this year. And luckily, he can reuse that outfit for the Olympics this summer.


Sun's out, tongue's out, am I right, miss Bernese?


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Sniffing out patriotism since 1776? This Black Lab hasn't been doing it that long, but gave it his all this weekend.


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This Frenchie was suspicious everyone had started the festivities without her.



This Lab is proud to show his excitement for U.S. Independence.


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"Fourth of July? We've never been more ready." ---these German Shepherd pups.


A photo posted by Baloo/Sully (@balooandsullygsd) on



You wish you had sunglasses that are as cool as this Corgi's.



Nothing more like celebrating the beauty of America with a cowboy hat and a Newfie.


A photo posted by Frankie (@frankie_the_newfie) on



This pup heard there would be a Fourth of July barbecue. And he wants in. Sorry pup, you gotta stick with dog food.



Aaaaand, there's nothing more patriotic than Fourth of July zoomies, courtesy of this Corgi puppy.


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We hope you and your dog had a great holiday. But summer's not over yet. Check out our best practices for traveling with your pup and keeping him cool during the hot days to come.

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