1,122 Dogs Break A Guinness World Record

When you get 1,122 dogs together, you are guaranteed a good time. And that's what happened Tuesday night at the Chicago White Sox game.

The White Sox held a dog night and encouraged as many dogs as possible to attend. With 1,122 dogs at the game, the White Sox now hold the Guinness World Record for "most dogs attending a sporting event."


Way to go, White Sox! We love to be able to bring our dogs wherever we go and spend quality bonding time with them. Thanks for giving your fans this opportunity! We're sure the dogs thank you as well.

Check out some of our favorite pups enjoying the game.


Luna the Husky showed some love to her owner, Tyler Saladino, an infielder for the Sox.


Smiles all around.


Looks like this German Shorthaired Pointer has seen more interesting games...


This adorable pup is also more concerned with the camera than any baseball! And with that photogenic face, we can't blame him.


It was #TongueOutTuesday for this Golden Retriever while he enjoyed the game.


"I can run the bases too!" ---This Dalmatian.


Little legs didn't stop this Dachshund from joining in on the fun.


"I know I look good in this jersey" ---says this fluffy pup.


Buuuut, she's gotta compete with this guy, who's rockin' this mean hat-bandana combo.


And here's Sox pitcher Carlos Rodon and girlfriend Ashley Paddock with their dog, Lefty the German Shepherd.


He wasn't interested in commenting for an interview.


This little guy was proud to record the whole record-breaking event.

It's official!


A photo posted by Chicago White Sox (@whitesox) on

And, to make the whole event even better, the White Sox won the game, 8-1. We're sure the dogs had something to do with it.


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