Tips to Make a Sweltering Summer Safe for Your Dog

The summer months can provide endless opportunities for outdoor fun with your dog, but it also poses a problem (for both of you) when temperatures soar. Keep your pup happy and healthy in the heat with the following tips:

  • No hot cars! Your dog should never be left alone inside of a hot vehicle. Temperatures inside a car can easily exceed 100 degrees very quickly, even if windows are rolled down.
  • Pay attention to the paws. Concrete streets and walkways become extremely hot over the summer, making it very uncomfortable for your dog's paw pads. Even though paws are tougher than human feet, they still can be burned by hot pavement, so stick to grass as much as possible. Sand can also potentially cause problems, so if you're taking your dog for walks on the beach, stick to early morning or evenings when it's cooler.
  • Keep cool and hydrated. As the temperature rises, dogs can become overheated and suffer from heat stroke. Make sure to supervise your dog whenever he is outside in the elements, and provide him with access to shade. Fresh water is a must--both inside and outdoors. If your pup appears to be overheated, apply cool, wet clothes to his pads, head and tummy. 
  • Prevent sunburn. Just like us, dogs can be prone to sunburn if they catch too many rays. Light-skinned and hairless dogs are especially at risk. Have a dog-safe sunscreen handy if you and your dog are going to spend extended time out in the sun. 

For more summer safety tips, visit the AKC at

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