This Yorkie Is Dominating The Hair Game

yorkie hair game

Don't you hate waking up in the morning with crazy, untamable bed head? Ever have those days where your hair just won't cooperate, no matter what you do?

Well, Diesel Minnie the Yorkshire Terrier has none of those problems. You can get her at any time, in any place, and her hair is always looking absolutely fabulous.


A photo posted by @diesel_minnie on


She can rock all kinds of looks...

Short hair.


A photo posted by @diesel_minnie on


Long hair.


A photo posted by @diesel_minnie on


You name it, Minnie is rocking that look.

She even looks great just laying on her pillow.


A photo posted by @diesel_minnie on


Don't you wish you could have hair as great as this? We sure do!


A photo posted by @diesel_minnie on

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