Woman Proposes To Her Boyfriend With The Help Of One Very Special Pug

There is a Pug in London named Batman and he has become a bit of an internet sensation—with nearly 80,000 fans on Facebook alone.

Meet Batman, everyone.



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One of Batman’s biggest fans, a woman named Laura, reached out to him and his owner for his help carrying out a very special surprise. Laura asked if Batman would help her propose to her boyfriend, Tom.

Here’s the happy couple.




Batman was more than happy to help, presenting Laura’s handwritten notes to Tom. The proposal was a success for the world to see.


When a pug proposes

When a pug proposes - As it was February 29th yesterday, one of my biggest fans, Laura, asked if I could help her propose to her boyfriend Tom. I was honoured to be involved. Here's how it went...

Posted by The Batpug on Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Congratulations to Laura and Tom on their engagement. Thanks for the help, Batman—what a romantic.