Watch These Puppies Strike Some Awesome Poses During Mealtime

We've all seen our fair share of dog tricks, but have you ever seen puppies doing acrobatics or gymnastics moves at such a young age? How in the world does little Shilah, a 6-week-old Pug puppy, end up doing this rather extraordinary yoga-inspired feat while chowing down on her supper?


And this petite little puppy in the cozy striped sweater almost seems to be levitating while licking the dinner bowl clean to the last drop. True, the puppy's still quite small in comparison to the bowl, but the bowl isn't all that deep so it's somewhat fascinating how the dog sort of just automatically rises onto it's front paws like a circus balancing act.

Now, grab onto your belly because when you watch this littlest yoga puppy pull his best stunt, it will have you holding your side from laughter pains. Serious cuteness-overload happening in this clip:

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