This Wartime Hero Needed A Hero Of Her Own And She Found One In A VERY Special Dog

Every soldier goes through so much to protect our lives and liberties and sometimes we forget that they need saving too.

Retired Major NC USAF, Linda Stanley, served for over 20 years in the military; six years with the U.S. Army and another 14 with the U.S. Air Force as a nurse.

Linda was deployed to Iraq in 2006 to serve as a trauma nurse on the battlefront.

She witnessed terrible conditions and it was the human side of war that affected her the most.

After two decades of service, Linda developed PTSD and her anxieties made living life and sleeping at night extremely difficult.

When therapy wasn't proving to be enough on its own, Linda was introduced to Tender Loving Canines (TLC), a non-profit that pairs service members with service dogs.

Linda was paired with a Labrador Retriever named Willow who had spent her entire life training to help people.

A hero to so many across the country, it was in Willow that Linda found a hero of her own.

With Willow in her life, the smile returned to Linda's face and the joy of life to her days.

Today, Linda and Willow work together to help other veterans dealing with PTSD.

Linda and Willow are both heroes to us all.

WATCH their emotional story, here:



If this cause speaks to you, you can make a donation to TLC, here.

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