Volkswagen Launches App That Lets Your Dog Walk Himself So You Don’t Have To

Let’s be sure not to bury the lede here and make sure it is very clear that this is a joke—Volkswagen just seemed to think April Fool’s Day was actually… in March.

After the recent PR struggles Volkswagen has been facing in the auto industry, is seems they have shifted their focus to a more reliable venture—dogs.

According to Adweek, the company’s Dutch division, in tandem with an advertising agency, looked to riff off an app called My Volkswagen that allows users to control center elements of your vehicle remotely. In a world filled with busy dog lovers, they thought they could strike a chord by playing into an owner’s desire to tend for their pups even while they’re away.

The advertising agency told Adweek, “Just like the My Volkswagen app, the Connected Dog is designed to make the owner’s life easier.” Supposedly the agency worked with a notable Dutch dog behaviorist to develop this spot.



Whatever you think of this advertisement, we speak for most dog owners when we say, we prefer a leash with a kind, responsible human at the other end of it to take our dogs for a walk—preferably us.

But hey, thanks for the laugh—and for arriving so early to the April Fool’s party that you’re basically just watching the host put up streamers.