UF College of Veterinary Medicine VETS Rescues Stuck Pup

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine has a comprehensive companion animal medical unit called the Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service (VETS), which is the backbone of the state of Florida’s animal care during a major disaster.  VETS supports local agencies with medical evaluation capacity during hoarding/impoundment operations and conducts annual exercises/workshops involving statewide NGO partners, private DVMs, local county animal control, and University of Florida vet students to develop local plans and awareness.

AKC Reunite has worked with VETS over the past several years to supply a trailer, tents and universal microchip scanners for their patient evaluation and processing stations. These stations are ready-to-go “kits” that contain everything from gloves, bandages and syringes to larger items like pulse and oxygen sensors and are regularly used for emergency deployment hospital care and rescue for large and small animals. The kits were pressed into service last week to rescue Dicey, a 6.5-month-old Rottweiler puppy that fell into a sinkhole in a Florida field. Her cries and barks alerted her frantic owner, who had been looking for Dicey for a full 24 hours. Despite her ordeal, the 55-pound pup was found in relatively good health and is expected to make a full recovery. All involved hope that this is the last time Dicey lives up to her name!

Support of programs like VETS can make a huge difference to dogs like Dicey and other animals in the community.

Learn more here or at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Facebook page. If you’d like to give back to help AKC Reunite help more programs like this, learn how you can get involved here.