Tips For Dressing Up Your Pup

We want to see the cutest pics of your pups dressed up. There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing dogs running around in cute outfits… but we also always want to make sure that our dogs are kept safe and comfortable! Here are some precautionary measures to keep in mind when dressing up your pup!


In addition to the sailor suit or ruffled dress, keep in mind that your dog is already wearing a fur coat and can become easily overheated running around outside with extra layers.

Dogs naturally need to move around in order to make sense of their world by sniffing, exploring, or digging.  Some canine couture can restrict your pet’s movement, or become a safety risk by getting caught on various objects.

Just like humans, dogs communicate with each other using subtle signals and body language.  While you may love your dog’s outfit, it may actually mask these signals and hinder your dog’s communication with other dogs.  Unless outfitted in a coat for harsh weather, you might want to leave everyday wear or formal wear at home when your dog is interacting with other dogs.