​10 Things Only Bulldog Owners Understand



The calm, courageous, and friendly Bulldog is the mascot for the U.S. Marine Corps. He's a symbol of courage and tenacity. It's no wonder, then, that this dog of many wonders is always one of the top dogs in America. Not only does the Bulldog hold one of the top spots on our list, however, but he is also one of the most popular type of dogs to serve as a mascot.

To truly know this unique breed, though, is to own one. Therefore, only Bulldog owners will understand these ten truths:

1. Bulldogs are 40-50 pounds of sturdiness. They have a thick-set body and wide shoulders. No one told them how muscular they are, though. These dogs absolutely love to lay in your lap.



2. Bulldog owners know that their dogs are big snugglers. They love to cuddle up under the covers with you and you know once they're in the bed with you you have to prepare for snoring, rolling, and certainly bed hogging.



3. You know well what it's like to try and rationalize with your dog. While your Bulldog is very intelligent, he also can be a little stubborn. You're always prepared to stop while walking, change directions, or have a rest. You know your dog has a mind of his own.



4. While they have adorable jowls and the most precious wrinkles, Bulldog owners know that cuteness also equals lots of care. Owners spend a great amount of time cleaning their dog's face (and wouldn't trade it for the world).



5. Once again, those muscles are misleading. Your Bulldog might have a "tough exterior," but in reality, he's probably a mush. Bulldogs are great family dogs; they're patient, gentle, and do very well with kids.



6. Your dog loves to lounge, but only if you've taken your Bulldog outside to have his daily frolic. It doesn't take much, but he's gotta get his exercise so that he can take a nap later, of course.



7. You and your dog avoid the sweltering heat at all costs. Bulldogs have a particularly low tolerance for heat and you're more than willing to hang with your pup in the air conditioning when the dog days of summer arrive.



8. Your true purpose in life? To provide your Bulldog with all the pets and belly scratches in the world. You know you had to brush up on your massage skills for this dog. The scratches aren't done until your dog says so.



9. Other dog owners may take tons of pictures of their dog, but nothing compares to Bulldog owners. Why? Because your silly, loving, Bulldog is always doing the best, most photo-worthy things. Rolling around like crazy? Check. The most precious faces? Check. Goofy faces? Also check.



10. Your Bulldog rules the roost. He's well-behaved, socialized, and listens (most of the time.) But you know, and he knows, that he is the king of the household. And you love it.



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