These Pups Prove That Dogs CAN Talk

It's widely understood that different species of animals have their own version of language, and they have unique ways of communicating with each other. But can animals really talk to humans, in our language? Remember Mister Ed, the talking horse? And of course, we've all had a laugh or two when meeting by a parrot who can offer a cute phrase that he's practiced over time.

So, how about dogs? At first glance, it could appear as though this Husky, Simba, is being set up in this video by someone who is practicing his ventriloquism. Is Simba really homesick, and is telling us he wants his momma? Or is this just a cute sound bite for entertainment purposes?

And in case you thought Simba and his vocalizing was just a fluke, here's many more adorable dogs telling their loved ones how much they care, all in their own very special voice.

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