The Perks of Being a Country Dog

They’ve forgone the big city in favor of wide, open spaces. And they just might be onto something. Here's why:

They've got space and freedom.

The rolling meadows of the countryside allow for the opportunity for dogs to run free to their heart’s content. Unlike city living, where space is at a premium and a yard is a luxury afforded to few, country dogs have sometimes a few acres between front door and fence. This leaves room not only for running, chasing, and retrieving, but also the opportunity to practice in an agility course or play a game of Frisbee without even leaving your backyard.

There's more room for error.

Accidents happen, and every now and then, even the most diligent owner might let a dog escape out the front door or past the property line. In a city, with narrow sidewalks and busy roads, this can be a deadly mistake. But in the country, there is more space between properties and roads so that you can retrieve your dog (with that “come” command we know you’ve been practicing often) before any tragedies occur.

Note: More space also means more room for your pet to get lost while loose. Make sure you have a collar with tags and a microchip to ensure his return.

They enjoy peace and quiet. 

Ahh, the sound of silence. No car horns, sirens, or loud neighbors and no barking to add to the cacophony. Just you, your dog, and some crickets. The good life.

They have exotic friends. 

Country dogs are used to all sorts of farm animals and wildlife (and some even get to use their instincts for herding or hunting them). A quick search on YouTube will show videos of dogs happily playing with ducks, horses, pigs, and so on.

They have more access to fun outdoor activities. 

A splash in the lake, a hike through the mountains, a romp in the snow—country dogs have a plethora of activities available to them, all of which are much more exciting than an urban dog park. Be sure to use flea/tick preventatives before embarking on an outdoor journey, though. And never let your dog in a body of water unsupervised.


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