The HILARIOUS Way Komondor Or Puli Owners Can Trick Their Friends

Mop Trick HEADER


It’s like watching in a scene from Fantasia, where suddenly the cleaning supplies come alive and take over.

One corded-dog owner, likely tired of hearing his or her dog being called a mop, created this hilarious video, which went viral on YouTube.



You want to try this? A strong “down, stay” command and some props should be all you need to surprise your guests. You can learn how to do that here.

Here are some fun facts about corded breeds: Komondors, known for their long, thick dreadlocks are Hungarian flock dogs. The cords are actually meant to protect from cold Hungarian weather and predators as well as to help the dogs blend in with the sheep they’re protecting.

A Puli is smaller than the Komondor—standing only about 16 or 17 inches at the shoulder. Like the Komondor, they're Hungarian, but have a history working in herding instead of guarding.