The Great Pyrenees: Great Big Love From a Great Big Dog

The name gives you a clue -- he's a huge dog meant to protect the herd in the rugged terrain of the Pyrenees Mountains. But maybe the name should also include how beautiful he is, as in "Great (Big-Absolutely-Gorgeous) Pyrenees." Nicknamed the Pyr, he is famously loving and protective of his family. Here are nine things that lovers of the breed could tell you.

  1. He's a natural working dog, as happy in the field as in the house.

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  2. The Great Pyrenees loves his family and needs love and attention back.

    Well...not much to say about that except...thanks Tully �� #doggerms #greatpyrenees #workingdogs #greatpyreneesofthehour #greatpyreneesofinstagram #gentlegiantoftheday

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  3. These adorable bundles of fluff…

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  4. ...grow up. And boy, do they grow!


  5. From puppyhood, Great Pyrenees' are loving and affectionate with family members.


  6. They especially love children, even when they're twice the size of their human siblings.

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  7. It's best to start training when they're young, because Pyrs may grow to 32 or taller and 100 pounds. This guy is only 10 months old (with his 6-foot, 1-inch friend).


  8. At home, your lap is his favorite place.

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  9. And, to paraphrase from "Jaws," we think you're gonna need a bigger sofa.

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