The Fuller House Trailer is Here‚ With One Big Surprise

The first teaser for Fuller House, a Netflix-produced sequel to the 90s sitcom Full House, is finally out and we are beyond stoked to see that our favorite character is back.

Which character, you ask?

It’s not uncles Jesse or Joey, nor is it D.J., Stephanie, or Michelle. It sure isn’t peppy Aunt Becky or Lysol-wielding Danny. And it’s not Kimmy Gibbler (though she might ring in at #2 on our list). He’s the only one of the Tanner clan to actually appear in the trailer. 

Did you guess Comet? 

You got it, dude!

See the teaser here:

Comet, the Golden Retriever who first entered the show as a puppy in the third season, won our hearts as the faithful companion of Michelle. Below are some fun facts about the original Comet, who passed away from cancer at age 10 in 1998.

  *  The character was born on Jesse’s bed after his pregnant mother got lost in the neighborhood and was taken in by the Tanners.

  *  Buddy, the dog who played Comet in several episodes, also played Air Bud.

  *  He reportedly chewed the sets while not in character.

See highlights from Comet’s run on the original series, including the time he blew out his own birthday candle and the gut-wrenching scene where he temporarily ran away from home.

Fuller House will be available on Netflix on February 26, 2016, and stars most of the original cast, including Bob Saget (Danny), Candace Cameron-Bure (D.J.), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler), John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), and Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey). Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not returning to play their shared role of Michelle. How rude! 

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