The Expected And Unexpected Things Clumber Spaniels Carry With Them

There are so many adjectives to describe the Clumber Spaniel: they're famously sweet, loving, playful, and gentle. As any owner will tell you, Clumbers are often seen carrying something in their mouths…anything. Here are 9 expected and unexpected items we found Clumber Spaniels carry around with them:

Soccer balls are a favorite.


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Even really big soccer balls.


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And tennis balls.


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Sticks are a great option.


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And of course, a toy.

Especially duck-shaped toys.

Or maybe three toys.


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We're not really sure what this is.


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If nothing else is handy, a bowl works just fine.


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And when the Clumber Spaniel isn't busy carrying things, there's always plenty of love to go around.


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