The Dog Who Would Be King: The English Toy Spaniel Is Royally Adorable

Look in the dictionary under "adorable" and you'll see the English Toy Spaniel. The breed is remarkably playful, gentle, and merry. But there's more than just cuteness to this dog. Perhaps from being the companion of royalty, he's picked up a bit of a regal air himself. He knows he's fabulous and he'd like to make sure you it know, too. With those trademark melting eyes, lush ears, and loving demeanor, you might forget that he's still all spaniel with a hunting instinct and a love of playtime. See many sides of this wonderful companion in these nine images.

1. This guy would like to know if there's anyone on earth who doesn't think he's adorable.


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2. Their connection to royalty isn't hard to see in this patrician pose. One breed fancier says, “They can be the snootiest dogs on earth!”

3. But they make up for it be being world-class cuddlers.


4. When they're not being your favorite lapdog, English Toy Spaniels still have an exuberant, playful spaniel side. They love a good run.



5. And playing in the snow. This little guy is making snow angels.

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6. They also excel at agility.

fb english toy spaniel agility
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7. And, while discriminating about who they like, they do make new friends.


8. Every English Toy Spaniel owner has probably been given this look. As the Queen herself might say, "We are not amused."

English Toy Spaniel FB
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9. But at the end of the day, there's no one better to snuggle up with.

english toy spaniel cuddle
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