Summer is on its way, and with this warm season comes plenty of beach days.  You can enjoy the beach with your dog, as long as you make sure that your four-legged friend is taken care of.  To help owners have a fun experience at the beach with their dogs, the American Kennel Club provides the following safety tips.  Among them:


  • Bring your own water.  Be sure to pack a dish and fresh water for your dog.  You can also put ice cubes in your cooler as a frozen treat for him.  Never let your dog drink the ocean water.


  • Shade is good.  Bring an umbrella with you if you’ll be staying at the beach for an extended period of time.  This way your dog can have a place to rest and escape the sun.


  • Dogs need sunscreen too.  If your dog is hairless, has a short, light coat, exposed ears or nose, or has been recently clipped, it is wise to apply sunscreen to him.  Dogs get sunburned too.


  • Rinse off.  Rinse your dog off as soon as he’s finished playing.  Salt and sand can irritate his coat.


  • Don’t forget ID.  Make sure your dog has a collar and is microchipped should he get away from you.  His tag should have your cell phone number on it and check with your recovery service provider to ensure your contact information is current.  To enroll your pet in a 24-hour recovery service, visit


How do you enjoy visits to the beach with your pup?