Summer “Staycation”


Traveling on vacation with the family pet can not only be stressful, but can be expensive too. But with plenty of dog-friendly fun near your hometown, the AKC suggests the following “staycation” tips to help you and your dog take advantage of all that your local area has to offer this summer.

Take a hike. Whether you have a forest, stretch of country road, or a national park near your home, the perfect hike awaits you and your dog there. If you live in a city, urban trails can be just as fun. You’ll be surprised at the new places you discover on the way! Always talk to your dog’s veterinarian before hiking to make sure he is in good health and remember to take water, a collapsible dog dish, and snacks for along the way.

Picnic in the park. Map out the various parks in a given radius from your home and go park-hopping. Pack a picnic lunch for yourself and dog food for your four-legged friend. Remember to call ahead to the parks to find out their policy on pets first.

Be a beach bum. Research the dog-friendly beaches in your area and spend the day with your dog. Bring extra towels to dry off your dog after his swim and to cover your car’s seats for the ride home.

House parties. Invite your friends and their dogs over for a party. If it’s hot outside, set up a kiddie pool or sprinklers for the dogs. You can also plan canine events, such a trick shows or agility competitions.