14 Dogs Who Prove Everyone Really Is Irish On St. Patrick’s Day

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day, right? There are these dogs who really are Irish and then these 14 dogs who have certainly bought into the concept.

Check them out, shamrockin' their pride.


This Black and Tan Coonhound who got roped into doing the toast.


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This Maltese who might actually be in doggie-witness protection with that disguise.


These Golden Retriever siblings who are ready to paint the town green.


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This Labrador Retriever puppy and service dog in training whose mantra is, "work hard, play hard."


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And this Pomeranian whose mantra is, "kiss me, I'm Irish."


This Dalmatian who is as special as a four-leaf clover.


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This Boston Terrier who know just know would have an Irish accent if he could speak.


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These German Shorthaired Pointers who are always up for a little shenanigans.


This festive family; a melting-pot-of-gold including a Leonberger, two Whippets, and a Great Dane.


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This Frenchie who put her feminine touch on the whole leprechaun idea.


And how about a Border Terrier having a pint more his own size.


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Or this German Shepherd Dog who prefers his Jameson on the rocks... without the Jameson.


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These two Great Danes who clearly have a favorite holiday... or an Irish owner.


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And this Corgi who looks like he might have a little too much fun celebrating.


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