Shoppers Approach The Storefront… And Who’s Working The Register Surprises EVERYONE

It's a beautiful, shiny Sunday morning, so you decide to take a walk around the neighborhood. While on your walk, you decide to stop at the corner market to pick up the paper and a pack of gum. You are so pre-occupied with the beautiful weather and the activity happening all around you, that you are not really paying attention when you get to the window of the market to pay. Your head is slightly turned to the side busy with people-watching as you say to the cashier "Sunday paper and a pack of Orbit peppermint, please." And all at once, you catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, your head turns forward and—WHOA! Now, that's a first!

Where did this Shibu Inu come from and how did he learn to work the register?




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