Heartwarming Series Captures Special Bond Between Senior Dogs And Their Owners

"I think in a doggie dream world, he'd love to be a little, bitty dog," says Judy, the owner of a massive Great Dane named Walt. They are central characters in this video in Unconditional Stories, a series that showcases the unique bond between senior dogs and their people.

Unconditional Stories was created by Kacey Klonsky, a filmmaker in Portland, Oregon, as part of Project Unconditional, a collection of photos and short stories by her mother, Jane Sobel Klonsky.

"It's about all kinds of dogs—rescue, service, bomb sniffing, avalanche, pet companion, and performance dogs. It's for people who appreciate the connection, unconditional love, and bond that a life-long companion canine brings. It's for those who can't imagine life without their beloved dog," says Jane, who travels around the world to find subjects.

"I love collaborating with my daughter, and respect and admire her as a videographer, and feel that she is bringing my images and stories to life, and bringing a whole new depth to the project."

Life with a Senior Dog

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