See Why A Day In The Life Of This Pup Is So Paw-Some

Coco cavalier king charles spaniel

Meet Coco, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Watching her go through her day is enough to make anyone wish that they were a dog.

Her day begins at seven when she wakes up and eats breakfast.



Seven is awful early for a pup, so by eight it's already nap time!


Later, Coco goes for a walk.


So many interesting things to smell!


"A tired dog is a happy dog."


Back home to play with some toys and take another nap!


Time for some puppy homework!


Hygiene is important for any playful pup.


Man, it's been a long dog day. Goodnight!


Check out the full video of Coco's paw-some day below:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, like Coco, are affectionate, graceful, and gentle. Think this is the breed for you? Check out Cav puppies on the AKC Marketplace!



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