“All The Dogs In The World” Showcases Passionate Photos Of The World’s Dogs

All the dogs in the world book cover

For Picks Of The Litter, a regular book review series, Ranny Green critiques “All the Dogs in the World,” by Jesse Hunter (Hardie Grant Books).

This colorful mosaic, as the title implies, is a collection of the photographer’s travels through 44 countries on six continents over 650 days.

The focus of this little gem are the dogs and puppies interacting with owners and strangers on the streets and shops of the world.

A great many of the shots are in Australia – Hunter lives in Queensland -- but you will also travel to Moroccan markets, alleyways in Greece, Chilean villages, streets of Paris, San Francisco, Stockholm, and dozens of other sites.

On one page you’ll see owners simply resting with their leashed four-legged friends alongside, on another you’ll find two dogs curled up alongside each other in a remote back street.

In a lower corner, it is noted where each photo was shot in this spirited journey that reflects on the human-animal bond and the fight for survival.

In a sense, Hunter’s passionate photos are penetrating character studies of both owners and dogs in the wide mix of geographical, historical, and seasonal backdrops.

Whether in Romania, India, Spain, Peru, or other countries, I was left to guess if the subjects were homeless or owned, since they were at rest on dirt roads, foraging about markets or simply sitting on front-door steps.

Mixed breeds and purebreds alike are captured in these brief, punchy slices of dog life, accented with a seamlessness of time cast on an uplifting, yet sobering, psychological landscape.

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