This Puppy Playdate Is Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart

The play date that unfolds between these two sweet puppies is likely to spark a fond memory of a childhood friend and those initially awkward invitations to play with someone we don't know well, yet. Making that first phone call to invite a friend over, or being so shy you need your mommy or daddy to make the call for you. The first few moments when your friend arrives at your house and neither of you is comfortable enough with each other to suggest something that you know for SURE you'll both want to play.

Even if the "warm-up" period is very short, it typically involves a few starts and stops, along with a few uncomfortably silent moments—until a natural rhythm develops between the two friends and then it's as if you've been together forever.

Watching this 8-week-old Corgi and his "far more mature" 12-week-old Basset Hound buddy get to know each other and find their special rhythm during their play time is truly a delight:

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