Dogs vs. Doorstops: An Epic Battle of Cuteness

Puppies have a real knack of turning all kinds of household objects into their own special playthings. It could be as basic as the empty paper towel roll or a child's favorite pair of flip flops that becomes the toy of the day, but it seems that door stoppers have brought puppy play to a whole new level.

Now this little Beagle puppy, Remy, isn't quite sure if the doorstop is friend or foe. He seems a little unsure whether he wants to fully embrace his new found "playmate" so he's testing out his bark vs. the "boing" first, and appears to be gaining confidence with each approach he makes:



Carlos, a French Bulldog puppy, shows a real sense of curiosity and fascination with the doorstop, and perhaps feels he will conquer it best in silent mode:



And last but certainly not least, there's this little Labrador Retriever puppy working every angle and strategy he can come up with to conquer the doorstop! He's got great agility and he moves around, but has he finally found a worthy opponent?