These Puppies Have Turned Mealtime Into An Olympic Event

Watching these Labrador Retriever puppies eat from their new bowls is reminiscent of watching a synchronized swimming team or a rhythmic dance competition at the Olympics.These puppies have food bowls, that seem to lead them around and around in circles as they eat their meal.

Now, that's not really the most entertaining part of this video. Anyone who plays team sports will agree, it takes time and practice to develop the right rhythm and flow with your teammates. These two Labs start out rotating round and round in a motion that looks like cogs in a wheel. While their timing is synchronized, they keep bumping tails as they reach a certain point in their rotation. So, without a second of hesitation, and never lifting their heads up from their bowls—take a look at how gracefully they worked that out.

Source: Puppies bump into each other while circling food bowls by vidibona on Rumble